Photo of hunters throwing out decoys during the Tennessee duck season.

Tennessee Duck Season Dates & Info [2022-2023]

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If you’re looking for Tennessee duck season dates and information, you’ve come to the right place! This article highlights the various waterfowl season dates and bag limits for the Volunteer State as well as basic information on license requirements, legal hunting weapons and ammunition, and more.

SeasonDatesDaily Bag Limit
Wood Duck/TealSept. 10-14, 20226 (no more than 2
wood ducks)
TealSept. 15-18, 20226 teal
Ducks, Coots, MergansersNov. 26-27, 2022 and
Dec. 5, 2022 - Jan. 31, 2023
6 ducks*
15 coots
5 mergansers**
Ducks, Coots, Mergansers
(youth only)
Feb. 4 and Feb. 11, 20236 ducks*
15 coots
5 mergansers**
Ducks, Coots, Mergansers
(veterans and military only)
Feb.5 and Feb. 12, 20236 ducks*
15 coots
5 mergansers**
Canada, Brant and Light GeeseSept. 1-18, 2022
Oct. 8-18, 2022
Nov. 26-27, 2022
Dec. 5, 2022 - Feb. 12, 2022
3 Canada geese
(5 during first season)
1 brant
20 light geese
White-fronted GeeseNov. 26-27, 2022
Dec. 5, 2022 - Feb. 12, 2023
3 white-fronted geese

*Duck bag limit may not include more than 4 mallards (no more than 2 of which may be a female), 3 wood ducks, 1 pintail, 2 canvasbacks, 2 redheads, 2 black ducks, and 1 mottled duck.  The daily bag limit for scaup is 1 scaup on November 26, November 27, and December 5 through December 17 then 2 scaup from December 18 through January 31. 

**Merganser bag limit may not include more than 2 hooded mergansers.

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Tennessee Waterfowl Hunting License Requirements

To participate in the Tennessee duck season, hunters must possess the following:

  • Tennessee Hunting and Fishing Combination license (unless exempt)
  • Tennessee Migratory Game Bird Permit (unless exempt)

If hunting on one of Tennessee’s many wildlife management areas (WMAs), a waterfowl hunter will also need a Small Game WMA Permit.

Get the necessary licenses and permits now through the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Weapons and Ammo Legal for the Tennessee Duck Season

Legal weapons for waterfowl hunting in Tennessee include any 10-gauge or smaller shotgun loaded with federally approved nontoxic shot of size “F” or smaller. Lead shot may not be in possession while hunting waterfowl.

Shotguns must be “plugged” to prevent them from firing more than three rounds before reloading, EXCEPT when hunting light geese during the Conservation Order season.

Tennessee Duck Hunting Action

If you’re wondering what great Tennessee duck hunting looks like, check out this video from Higdon Outdoors of a great hunt on Reelfoot Lake in west Tennessee.


The Tennessee duck season will be here before you know it! Hopefully, this article will help you be prepared by answering any questions you may have regarding duck or goose hunting in the Volunteer State. If we missed any important details, or you still have questions regarding the Tennessee duck season, let us know in the comments section below.

For more information about Tennessee public land duck hunting opportunities, be sure to check out the TWRA website.

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