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4 Best See Through Hunting Blinds [2022]

Last Updated on September 16, 2022 by Brian Grossman

When Primos unveiled the first see through hunting blind — the Double Bull Blind with SurroundView technology — at the 2018 ATA Show, it created quite a buzz. For the first time, hunters inside the blind could see out through the walls of the blind, but game animals could not see in. It was a true game changer in the hunting blind market. As such, it wasn’t long until other companies began to copy the technology and bring their own see through blinds to market. Summit produced their Viper series of blinds with their own TruView panels in 2019 that provided the same benefits as Double Bull’s SurroundView, and several other companies have followed suit.

Now there are several companies on the market producing see through blinds, which is a good thing. Competition keeps pricing down, and there are now options for a deer hunter on any budget.

Listed below are our four picks for anyone in the market for a see through hunting blind. As you’ll see, it includes the original Primos Double Bull blind, the Viper blind from Summit, as well as a couple of affordable options for those on a tighter budget. Enjoy!

Best Value
TIDEWE Hunting Blind
TIDEWE Hunting Blind
  • 58" x 58" x 68"
  • 270 degree see-through netting
  • 13 pounds
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Best Overall Blind
Primos Double Bull Surround View 270
Primos Double Bull Surround View 270
  • 55" x 55" x 70"
  • 270 degree see-through mesh
  • 21 pounds
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Best 4-Person Blind
Summit Viper 4-Person Blind
Summit Viper 4-Person Blind
  • 66" x 66" x 74"
  • 270 degrees see-through windows
  • 20 pounds
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Best Mid-Priced Blind
Rhino Blinds R180
Rhino Blinds R180
  • 58" x 58" x 66"
  • 180 degree see-through mesh
  • 16 pounds
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TIDEWE hunting blind is equipped with three full panels of one-way see through mesh. This mesh delivers a 270-degree unobstructed wide view angle and allows hunters to see their surroundings. Dimensions: 66” height, hub to hub 75″ x 75″, and with a floor space of 58″ x 58″. TIDEWE hunting blinds can comfortably accommodate two or three hunters.

NOTE: Currently, if you use promo code NW25 at, they’ll give you 25% off, making it right at $120 (cheaper than Amazon!). Not sure how long that code will last, though!

Photo of the TIDEWE See Through hunting blind

The revolutionary Primos Double Bull SurroundView 270 degree blind is the blind without a blind spot. It’s constructed with exclusive one-way see through walls that let you see all of your surroundings without being seen. Now you can spot all the movement you miss with traditional blinds, yet remain just as concealed. The SurroundView 270 degree comes with three one-way see through walls and one rear Blackout wall.

Photo of a Double Bull SurroundView 270 blind

BEST MID-PRICED Summit Viper Blind

The Viper is the flagship blind in the four-blind series from Summit. Its Hush Silent Hatch hinged doorway system enables stealthy entry/exit without using a zipper. The windows feature TruView™ panels, which perfectly match the blind’s camouflage exterior, but allow for an unobstructed, near-360-degree view from the inside. The panels silently adjust up and down the integrated tracks of the Split Silent Slide system for easy concealment customization.

Photo of a Summit Viper blind

The Rhino Blinds 180 See Through blind features a unique 2-way mesh system that prevents wild game from seeing in while allowing you to see out crystal clear without any obstruction. Like all hub-style Rhino blinds, the R180 features an oversized zipperless door, and you can easily adjust the 270 degree shooting window with Rhino’s “silent-slide” window technology. This blind can comfortable hold up to 3 people.

Photo of a Rhino 180 blind

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