7 Popular Broadheads Made in America

Last Updated on November 30, 2023 by Brian Grossman

Why Buy American?

Today more than ever it’s important to know where the companies we support manufacture their products. Not just because we need to preserve American jobs, but also to keep from supporting countries that ultimately don’t have our best interest at heart. That’s just as true with broadheads and other archery equipment as it is with our vehicles and household goods.

It’s not always possible to buy American made products (good luck finding a good American made cell phone), but it’s good to at least know your options so you can factor it into your decision making process. Fortunately for us bowhunters, there are a lot of great archery companies that manufacture their products in the USA, including some of the best broadheads on the market.

In this article, we take a look at seven of the most popular American-made broadheads.

Our 7 Picks

This is by no means a comprehensive list of every broadhead company that manufactures their products in America. That list is surprisingly long. What we’re including in this article are seven of the better-known companies that we feel make great broadheads, and do so right here in the good old USA. I have not tested all of these broadheads, so they are listed in no particular order other than starting with my personal broadhead choice, Magnus.

There is one caveat with this info. While these broadheads are manufactured in the United States, we have no way of knowing where they actually get their materials. Most companies don’t provide that information.

Magnus Broadheads

I start my list with my personal favorite, Magnus Broadheads. The company is headquartered in Kansas and produces high quality fixed-blade broadheads. Some of their best know models include the Stinger, Stinger Buzzcut, and Stinger Killer Bee, the Black Hornet, and Snuffer SS. Magnus broadheads are known for their unconditional lifetime guarantee.

G5 Broadheads

G5 Outdoors is a family-owned company started by Louis Grace Jr. in 2000 and named after his 5 children. The company makes both fixed blade and expandable broadheads at their headquarters in Memphis, Michigan. In the fixed blade category, they have their well-know Montecs abd Strikers. They also manufacture the very popular Dead Meat and Megameat expandable broadheads used and promoted by the Bone Collector crew.

Slick Trick Broadheads

Slick Trick broadheads started with founder and inventor Gary Cooper. After Cooper’s passing in 2013, the company was sold to the Outdoor Group in New York. You probably know some of the Outdoor Groups other holdings — Elite Archery, Scott Releases, Custom Bow Equipment, and Winners Choice Bowstrings, among others. They are best known for their series of fixed-blade broadheads, but they now make a few expandable models as well.

Rage Broadheads

Some people may be surprised to know the best known and best selling Rage broadheads are manufactured right here in the U.S. in Wisconsin. When I reached out to them to confirm, they did say that their parts are sourced both globally and domestically. I would guess that’s the case with several companies on this list.

Grim Reaper Broadheads

Grim Reaper broadheads came on the market in 2000 with their patented Razortip Technology — mini-tip blade(s) that greatly enhance penetration — looking to solve all the problems mechanicals had: no deflection on angled shots, no rubber bands or O-rings, change blades in seconds, and those blades stay closed out of the fastest speed bows and crossbows! Today, Grim Reaper manufactures several mechanical broadheads and a few fixed-blade broadheads as well.

Wasp Broadheads

Wasp Broadheads invented the world’s first broadhead with replaceable blades in 1972, and they have been making great broadheads ever since . In fact, I killed my first deer with a bow using a Wasp broadhead! Today, Wasp offers a variety of fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads, and every broadhead they produce comes from their Connecticut facility built from 100% American parts.

Innerloc Broadheads

Innerloc Broadheads were conceived by Dennis and Kevin Sullivan of Sullivan Industries, Inc. After nearly a decade of manufacturing tips, ferrules and other broadhead parts for other companies, Kevin had an idea for a front loading broadhead that would become the original Innerloc in 1996. Today, Innerloc manufactures a variety of fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads in their North Georgia plant.


We realize pricing sometimes plays a necessary role in purchase decisions. And American made products do tend to cost more than their Chinese counterparts. You have to do what’s best for you and your family. However, we do encourage you to choose American-made products when possible. It keeps your hard earned money and important jobs local, and you typically get a better product.

If you’re in the market for new broadheads this deer season (aren’t we all!), then consider one of these seven companies.

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